Press-information about MagickT

“Even if Karlsruhe is not New York, Thomas Schmitt, the artist from Mannheim, finds women with sensual expression there. The amazingly simple means pencil and paper are his tools to create erotic artworks full of atmosphere.

His drawings have been shown successfully by “Ars Vivendi” for several months. The keen interest in his work caused the gallery to organize an exhibition of the original drawings this september.

Thomas Schmitt started drawing nudes during his studies as a graphic-designer.
The first drawing of this series, inspired by a photograph, was created six years ago. Even his early works were given a realistic expression. He created a special way to idealize the female shapes without changing the aura of his models. The results are daringly erotic, without being obscene.

It had been strong women like Annie Lennox , Cher, Sharon Stone or Grace Jones, that inspired his selection of characters. His women aren`t tender and shy, but provocating and self-confident. That way some of his drawings radiate a power not easily to be “chained”.

Thomas Schmitt works as an illustrator.
This exhibition will launch the “journey into the public“ of his artworks.