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Close to Mannheim, Germany, was where I was born and raised – or more or less just grew up without really being looked after…

Those days the laws for the protection of kids were not followed very strictly, which may look pretty unusual from today`s point of view. Thus, we could always be found in the back rows of what was called an “erotic film” – which of course was not meant to be shown to minors. (No need to worry: you would rather tend to feel a slight amusement about the “explicit sexuality” that was to be admired on screen) – We didn`t mind as long as no one cared about us!

I got hold of the first porn mag when I just had started to attend school. I can well remember saying my parents surely wouldn`t have done THAT, when one of the older buddies, that stood around with me in the backyard, declared it was nothing strange at all!
Those early years may well have implanted an idea about what would later be my artistic likes. …

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