In addition to my art I am offering my potential as a freelancer on a project basis.


Modeling technical facilities, instruments or containers for cosmetic products requires the same aesthetic skill that is essential for my original art. Designing in 3D space has been fascinating me since the 90ies. 20 years of hands-on experience did help a lot to raise my capabilities to higher level. For solids or surface modeling I am a proficient counterpart.



Retouching with Adobe Photoshop or other image-processing software is an additional field of application in which I benefit from my artistic faculties.

  • Are there important motifs that require optimization?
  • Are there important motifs that require optimization?Do you have product photos that need to be reworked to make them look even better?
  • Do you want to visualize building activities in advance?


Please move slider to the left or right. On the left, you can see the original photo, on the right the visualized building measure.